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Find YOUR Path to Healing



Our practice specializes in promoting healing, empowerment and self-acceptance. We work through a Trauma Informed lens and use Attachment Focused EMDR to support the healing process. 

Making the choice to begin therapy is not easy and can feel overwhelming. It takes courage and strength and we are so glad you’re here.

We're dedicated to providing inclusive and affirming therapy. We strive to provide a relaxed and laid-back setting where your comfort and ability to relax is a priority. Together we will explore what your journey to healing looks like and prioritize working towards healing and self-acceptance.

​Through a unique process of self-reflection, acceptance, and empowerment, we help clients tap into the confidence, strengths, and skills they already possess. Integrating different therapeutic approaches, clients will learn how to understand and take care of the different parts of themselves by building confidence along the way.

What We Specialize In




All Hands In

Diversity and Inclusion Statement 

We affirm and celebrate all kinds of diversity at Serene Pathways, including neurodivergence, cultural, linguistic, racial, gender identity and expression, neurological, and socioeconomic diversity. Providing the best for our clients, therefore, necessitates  commitment to celebrating differences.  We acknowledge the need to continually grow and implement more inclusive, responsive practices and are committed to this as a practice, now and into the future.

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