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Get to know Carrie Pallas 

For many years I’ve helped people find and accept all parts of themselves. Mental and physical health are intertwined and a focus on holistic healing leads to lasting and transformative growth. I believe everyone has the capability to shift into a space where change can happen and growth continues.


I started my career supporting and educating communities on domestic violence and providing therapy to those in crisis. Throughout my education, and directly after, I worked with clients who were suffering from co-occurring disorders (mental health and addiction). Through facilitating groups, providing community education, and branching out into family work, I have come into my “niche” and belief system that works through a Trauma Informed lens .  It is through this lens I am able to help clients find their mind and body connections.  I am fully trained in AF-EMDR and continue to work with consultants regularly to stay informed about this cutting edge technique. 

Everyone I work with has strength--even if they don’t see it, and the ability to heal and live a healthy life with a deeper sense of self. During sessions, you will hear me speak about “healing from the inside out” while we explore “all of the layers” that lead to where one is currently rooted.


Outside of the “office,” you can find me enjoying the outdoors or live music.

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